What Antidepressants Can and Cannot Do For You

To help with severe or stubborn depressive symptoms, doctors and therapists sometimes recommend clients take an antidepressant.

Taking medication is a matter of client choice, and that choice is sometimes difficult to make. We all want to feel good, but medications carry the risk of side effects—a cause for concern.

However, some hopes and concerns people have about using antidepressants turn out to be misperceptions …

A Way To Release Pent Up Anger and Find Calm

We all experience anger, and getting past the anger to a sense of calm is sometimes difficult. Here is a kundalini yoga technique for releasing anger and finding a measure of tranquility.

This technique is effective with fresh anger, suppressed anger, longstanding hurts and frustrations. It teaches us how to consciously manage angry feelings so they do not dictate our mood or actions …

Establishing A Healthy Sense of Self Worth

Depression is usually a precursor to suicide, yet in many countries young adult men who seem to be doing well in life are taking their own lives.

Researchers wondered why young men who were functioning competently, did not complain of depression or show signs of it, and had no history of mental health problems were suddenly ending life.

After conducting in-depth interviews with family and close friends of ten young productive men who died by suicide, the researchers found a common thread …

The Case For Befriending Our Depressed Self

How Chronic Stress Unbalances Your Brain

The findings of researchers do not always provide quick answers to health problems, but they often remind us of the significance of our daily lifestyle choices.

For instance, recent studies about how stress affects the brain remind us of our body’s need for relaxation.

Research completed at the University of California in Berkeley revealed specific alternations that occur in a stressed brain. These changes could explain the link between chronic stress and our vulnerability to mental health problems …

Why Self-Compassion Is A Wise and Practical Choice

Compassionate action arises when we understand that beneath our different circumstances and appearances lies an essential oneness, a shared human experience.

Though we know this oneness includes our self, many of us have an easier time extending compassion to strangers than to the person reflected in our bathroom mirror. However, by not showing self-compassion we exclude ourself from the human race …

Biofeedback: Using Your Thoughts To Reduce Stress, Anxiety

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