Another Way Exercise Mellows Our Mood and Anxiety

When people with mood and anxiety disorders see the world in a negative or threatening way, it increases their negative and anxious feelings—strengthening the disorder.

Scientists are now closer to understanding how relaxation activities and exercise helps to break this cycle. Not only do these activities calm our muscles and nerves, they mellow our perception of the world. People and things appear less negative or threatening …

The Four Agreements for Managing Depression

What Antidepressants Can and Cannot Do For You

To help with severe or stubborn depressive symptoms, doctors and therapists sometimes recommend clients take an antidepressant.

Taking medication is a matter of client choice, and that choice is sometimes difficult to make. We all want to feel good, but medications carry the risk of side effects—a cause for concern.

However, some hopes and concerns people have about using antidepressants turn out to be misperceptions …

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