Personality Disorders in DSM-5: An Eye To the Future

Mental Health Compassion in Action: Dorothea Dix

March is Women in History month and Dorothea Dix is one of history’s movers and shakers in the world of mental health.

When Dorothea Dix died in 1887, her legacy included thirty-two new state hospitals for the mentally ill. Many existing institutions were expanded and staffed with caring, well-trained employees.

Dix’s advocacy for the mentally ill began halfway through her life. When teaching Sunday school in 1841 at the East Cambridge House of Correction in Massachusetts, she became aware of the appalling treatment of the mentally ill housed there. They survived in unheated and filthy conditions. Some of the men, women, and children had no clothing; some were chained to a wall.

Mental health in plain sight: May is mental health month

May is Mental Health Month and this year Mental Health America is advocating two significant themes. One is Do More for 1 in 4. The second is Healing Trauma’s Invisible Wounds.

Do More for 1 in 4 refers to the one in four adults in the U.S. who have a diagnosable and treatable mental health condition. Healing Trauma’s Invisible Wounds brings attention to the effect of traumatic events on communities and individuals  .  .  .

Mental Illness and Diabetes

WASHINGTON, February 18, 2012 - There is a significant link between type 2 diabetes and mental illness. Does one illness set the stage for the other? Maybe the brain’s chemistry during the ups and downs of bipolar swings invites diabetes. Perhaps changes in the brain from abnormal glucose levels opens the door to depression or mania. Or, the stress of managing one illness might make people’s systems more receptive to the other.

The connection has become more clear over the past decade …

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